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10 Pretend Play Sets for Toddlers to Make the Gameplay Interesting!

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The pretend play sets are an effective way of educating and teaching children the essentials of daily life. As a parent, your priority should be to give your child the right kind of knowledge and understanding  of the things. Since toddlers are too young to grasp things easily, teaching has to be made interesting for them. If you are confused between what are the best pretend play sets for toddlers then here are 15 pretend play sets for your child – 

  1. Magic 65 Tricks 

    The world of magic is really intriguing and one which catches everyone’s attention instantly. The toddlers are innocent and very curious about little things and this magic trick set will fascinate them. The set includes 65 magic tricks a toddler can learn to perform. This might also help you to understand if your kid is genuinely interested in magic.

    pretend play sets for toddlers
  2. Kitchen and Restaurant Role Pretend Play Set 

    If you have a girl child, then this one will be perfect for teaching her about the household chores in a kitchen. The set includes food items such as omelets, pizza, and burgers. It also includes a few of the utensils as well to make the kid understand what are the essentials of making a dish or so. The kid can perform different household activities with this kitchen and restaurant pretend play set for toddlers.

    pretend play sets for toddlers

  3. Medi Kit for Toddlers 

    The medi kit is one exciting pretend play set for toddlers that will make their gameplay fun and entertaining. Nothing can match a child’s innocence and cuteness. If you think your child really loves medical science, then you might want to consider giving your child a medical kit that shall have all the equipment of a doctor or medical field.

  4. Pure Veg Nano – Pretend Play Sets for Toddlers

    The pure veg nano set is all about making the pretend play set more realistic that will grab the kid’s attention. Learning for children has to be one exciting experience and this pure veg will surely help in that. The set involves a kitchen and a few utensils which are no less than real. So, you should definitely check this one out on toysbzaaar.

  5. Ice Cream Candy Trolley Cart Pretend Play Set With Music and Lights Toys

    Not only kids but adults as well love ice creams and as a kid to have even a toy set of ice cream feels exciting. The pretend play set involves toy candies, ice cream cones and various other ice cream types that your kid will surely love playing with. This summer let your kid as well understand how different types of ice creams are sold. 

  6. Construction Toolset 

    You think your kid is fond of building toys and loves playing with it? Then here is a perfect construction toolset to bring a wide smile to your child’s face. To imbibe an engineering attitude in your child’s mind, giving him the right kind of toys to play with based on his/her needs will play an impactful role in ensuring him/her a fruitful career. In this toolset, you get a hammer, cutter and many other construction tools made up of plastic putting no risk on your child’s safety. 

  7. Backpack 

    This is a very unique toy set for kids which is designed for travel essentials. The backpack toy set will teach your toy how to backpack when you are planning a trip. The toy set is specially designed for girls and has all the essentials for a perfect trip. So what are you waiting for? Visit our website and get this backpack toy set right away!

  8. Scientist Pretend Play Sets for Toddlers

    Kids are damn curious about almost everything and they keep asking questions. You as a parent must end their curiosity by not only answering them but also by trying to show them the practicality of things. When it comes to science, you can simply put an end to all their queries with this scientist toy set that involves equipment used by a scientist. This is one of the most

  9. BBQ Play Set for Kids 

    The BBQ sets for kids is one funny and also interesting toy set idea. The BBQ playset is interactive gameplay that will improve the kid’s communicative skills along with visual skills. The playset has an ice cream parlor as well to make the kid learn about how an ice cream parlor looks and how it functions. 

    pretend play sets for toddlers
  10. Super Chef Pretend Play Sets for Toddlers

For all the kids who love being in and around the kitchen, this will perfectly suit them to improve the cooking skills. It is important for you to understand your child’s skills. The set involves all types of toy utensils and equipment used by a chef or in a kitchen in general. 

pretend play sets for toddlers

These 10 pretend play sets will ensure your child’s physical and mental development. You can get all of these on our website at the best prices.

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