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10 Benefits of Jenga That will Ensure Development of Varied Skills in Kids!

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One of the most loved indoor games amongst the kids is Jenga and rightly so, as it has so many benefits for kids and adults as well. For you, as a parent, it holds of utmost importance to give our child the right kind of games to play with so that he/she has a perfect development. To ensure this, you must be giving your child different types of games and toys to play with. But have you ever thought about what benefits a toy possesses for your child? Don’t worry? If your kid plays Jenga then, here are 10 benefits of playing Jenga –

  1. Fine Motor Skills – Benefits of Jenga

    Fine Motor skills are all about performing small tasks such as picking up pieces, removing clothes, etc. Each game has its own benefits, likewise, Jenga is one game that shall improve your child’s fine motor skills to an extent. The reason behind playing Jenga is that it ensures the proper growth of your child’s muscles. 

    benefits of Jenga
  2. Improving Problem Solving Skills

Jenga itself is a problem-solving game and hence an attitude of problem-solving will be instantly developed in the kid. While playing Jenga, the kid will have to first understand the shape of the block, size of the block and then think about where it can fit in. This is what is problem-solving and hence it will surely improve a problem-solving attitude in the kid. 

3. Patience – Benefits of Jenga

A Jenga is about building a tower and it requires a lot of patience to build one. Developing the kid’s patience will help the kid in the later stages of his/her growing up. A Jenga is one important game to test the patience level of the kid as he/she will have to wait until the turn comes. Each block has to be carefully put and removed to ensure the proper building of the tower. 

4. Cognitive Performance 

A cognitive performance means a performance that involves regaining memory and recollecting the information. Improving the cognitive skill is as important as any other skill for a kid because each skill holds its own relevance. While playing Jenga, the kid will have to remember that what blocks are suitable at which position and play accordingly. 

5. Strategic Planning – Benefits of Jenga

Strategic planning is planning done to achieve the target easily and mindfully. Playing a Jenga is no different, one has to think strategically and play their move in a way that makes it difficult for other players to win and also ensures that the tower doesn’t fall. Hence, Jenga is a really good way of improving the strategic planning of the kid. 

benefits of Jenga

6. Helps in Family Bonding 

A Jenga is a game that is played between 4 players. For parents, this is a good way of ensuring good family bonding. With good family bonding, a perfect upbringing is assured for the kid. As a parent, you must also strive to do every possible thing that strengthens the family bond. 

7. Hand-Eye Coordination 

The game of Jenga is one where the kid will have to keep the blocks properly without letting the other blocks fall. It will require a lot of attention for the kid to keep it aptly. This will result in improving the hand-eye coordination in the kid. 

8. Engineering Skill 

 Since Jenga is about building a tower, it will require an engineering approach. If you are someone who wants their kid to pursue a career in engineering then, this one will surely help you in the same. It will also help in identifying the interest of the kid and shape up his/her career in that direction. 

9. Improves Concentration 

Jenga is a game of varied skills and one of the most important skills involved in the game is concentration. Improved concentration will not only help the kid win in Jenga but also focus on concentrating on his/her studies when studying. This skill will turn out to be very helpful for the kid when he/she grows up to be an adult.

10. Mental Flexibility

The mental flexibility of the kid will be assured as the game of Jenga progresses. The kid has to adapt his/her thinking according to the game situation. Since the game of Jenga requires 4 players, one has to think of the moves that might be played by other players. 

benefits of Jenga

These 10 benefits are definitely enough to encourage you and your child for playing Jenga.

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