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10 Puzzles for Kids That are Perfect for Developing Intellectual Skills!

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As a parent, you must be wanting to ensure that your child develops appropriate skills and learns a diverse set of skills for an assured fruitful future. But learning is a slow process that needs an ample amount of time as the kid won’t learn in a single day. It will take some time for kids to grasp things and gain knowledge. You need to give your child the right kind of toys. So here are 10 Puzzles for kids that will definitely develop the intellectual skills – 

  1. Toys Crazy Car Puzzles for Kids 

    puzzles for kids

    The toy car puzzle has alphabets and car pictures to make your kid familiar with the words and different cars. This is a simple and unique way of improving the learning ability of the kid. It will also improve your kid’s strategic planning with numbers and alphabets.  

  2. Transportation Puzzles for Kids 

    The transportation puzzle is one effective way of teaching the kid about the transportation vehicles in the country. If your kid is more curious about the transportation system of the country, he/she may as well ask you about how the system works. While the kid improves his/her brain skills, this transportation puzzle will also improve the transport knowledge of the kid. 

    puzzles for kids

  3. Animal Puzzles 

    Many parents fail to understand their child’s vivid interest resulting in the child’s career being diverted to things he/she isn’t actually interested in. Hence, understanding your kid’s interest during childhood itself will shape up his/her career perfectly. If your kid loves wildlife, then here is a mindful puzzle to let your kid gain more interest in the wildlife. 

    puzzles for kids

  4. Vegetable Puzzles for Kids 

    One of the best ways of teaching kids the alphabet and numbers is by making them familiar with the vegetables and their names. Since vegetables are a daily usage thing, the kid frequently uses it and eventually the kid is well versed with the alphabet within no time. 

    puzzles for kids
  5. Number Express Puzzles 

    The number express puzzle is one fun and entertaining activity for kids to be a part of. The kid will not only learn the numbers but it will also teach the kids about the trains and their functioning. The kid has to find the pieces and connect them according to the numbers. This very interesting and lively activity is already on toysbzaar at best discounts. So what are you waiting for? Get it right away! 

  6. 7 Wonders Jigsaw 

    Want your kid to know the seven wonders of the world? Then don’t worry, here is a highly creative jigsaw puzzle for your kid and for adults as well to know about which are the seven wonders of the world. It is another creative way of bringing kids attention to learning and improving their intellectual skills. 

  7. Jester Faces Puzzles

    The jester faces puzzles is a very unique puzzle idea for kids to play with. The puzzle has 100 faces to give the kid a wide range of options to play from. The kid is bound to enjoy playing with such great puzzles and these many opportunities. 

  8. Crossword Puzzles for Kids

    Crossword is one of the popular puzzle games in this generation not only amongst the kids but also among the youth. The kid can form so many words in the crossword puzzle that shall help the kid understand different words and their meanings. The game is a four player game making it interesting for kids and learning team work as well. 

  9. Jigsaw Puzzle Fruits 

    The jigsaw puzzle fruits are aimed at making the kid known to various fruits. You can also imbibe a creativity in your kid with this jigsaw puzzle. As a parent, this puzzle idea will be very useful for you to attract the kid more towards fruits and vegetables and include it in their diet. 

  10. Story Puzzle for Kids 

Kids love stories as they are very much curious about it. Hence, with this simple and interesting puzzle idea, you can actually make your kids gameplay interactive. Every story has some learning and your kid will definitely learn new things while playing this. 

Puzzles are the best way to inculcate creativity and improve a varied set of skills amongst the kids hence, you must encourage them to play puzzles. These 10 puzzles for kids are surely worth trying. To get these puzzles at the best discounts with the best of quality, check out our website toysbzaar.com. 

Wondering how to imbibe creativity and intellectual skills in your kid? Then not to worry, here are 10 puzzles for kids that are sure to develop intellectual skills in them. 

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