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10 Interesting and Useful Ball Games for Kids

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Ball games are something that involves a lot of physical movements, hence parents must let their kid play with the ball. There are a range of different skills developed when a kid plays with a ball. And it is quite important as well to give your child all types of skills to ensure that his growth isn’t hampered. Here are some really useful ball games for kids – 

  1. Dodgeball 

Dodgeball is one game that involves a lot of physical movement of the whole body in general. The kid will learn to move around and dodge the other players while playing. The dodgeball game idea does not require a lot of equipment and hence can be simply played with a ball.

Ball games for kids

2. Bowling Pins

The bowling pin game is a game that will require the kid to visit the mall in order to play with it. Because the bowling pin game is mostly found in the malls. The bowling pin game enhances the kid’s attentiveness. Though competitive, utmost care has to be taken while you let your kid try his hands on the bowling pin game.This is because the ball is quite heavy and it might as well become difficult for the kid to lift the ball. 

ball games for kids

3. Ball in a maze puzzle

Ball in a maze puzzle is a highly intellectual puzzle game that will surely improve a lot of the brain skills of your kid. The kids will learn to use his/her brain more sharply. The game is played by solving the maze puzzle through a small ball. If you are someone who wants your kid to be quite clever, then this is the perfect ball game for you. 

Ball games for kids

4. Cup Game 

The cup game is a very simple game on the list that just suits well for kids who are quite attentive and even if they are not, this game will surely make the kid attentive. In the cup game, one changes the ball in the cup from one cup to another and the other player has to be very attentive to understand in which cup the ball finally is in. It requires a lot of concentration and attention. 

Ball game for kids

5. Cricket 

This is one highly famous ball game in a country like India. One shall find almost everyone, from kids to adults playing cricket in every gully of our country. The craze and love amongst the people for this game is unmatchable. If not any other game, then this one will definitely improve a lot of skills of your kid.

Ball game for kids

6. Football 

Second most famous ball game in our country is football. The game involves a lot of stamina and leg movement. This is a game for kids who are very strong and love to be involved in physical activities. This ball game for kids is of great importance as it will make your kid physically fit to some extent. 

7. Pass the ball games for kids 

Pass the ball game idea is a simple and fun game idea where a group of kids pass the ball to each other and play music in the background. When the music stops, the person who holds the ball has to do something the other people have decided. The pass the ball is quite not a game that involves a lot of physical movement but the kid will enjoy playing it. 

Ball game for kids

8. Racket – Ball games for kids 

The racket game is another outdoor game. It is played between 2 players. One player throws the ball in towards the other player through the racket and both the players have to let the ball not fall on the ground. This ball game as well is a great way of ensuring physical activity in the kid. On toysbzaar, you will find perfect rackets for your kid to play with at amazing discounts. 

9. Keep it away

This is the ball game played between 3 players wherein two players stand at predetermined places and the third person stands in the middle of the two, The third person has to catch the ball while the two players toss the ball back and forth, It is a very fun and entertaining ball game that will improve the hand eye coordination of your kid.

Ball game for kids

10. Volleyball 

Another ball game that is played outdoors and requires a perfect volleyball is the volleyball game. The game is perfect for kids who love to play outdoors. The game is played with only the palms of the hand. The ball is tossed back and forth only through palms with a volleyball net in between. 

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