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15 Physical Games for Kids To Keep Them Proactive!

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For the perfect growth of a child, physical games for kids are very important. Kids are very sensitive and hence utmost care has to be taken to make sure that they stay healthy and fit. As much as it is important to let the kid play with the toys, it is equally important to make the kid active in terms of movements and physical activities. There are many physical games for kids that imbibe activities in kids. Here are some 15 physical games for kids to keep them proactive – 

  1. Hopscotch 

    Hopscotch is one of the oldest games in the history of games. For kids, the game is very entertaining and interesting. In this game, the kids draw boxes. The kids have to switch from one box to another while keeping one leg up. You will get the best hopscotch on toysbzaar.

  2.  Musical Chair 

    The musical chair game is another age-old game set in the times when there were no phones and kids were engrossed in the gardens playing different types of games. In the musical chair game, the kids have to roam around the chairs which are set in order. The kids have to sit on their respective chairs when the music stops. 

  3. Fly a Kite

    The fly kite game is a very simple game but is relevant in India only during the kite festival. While flying kites, there develops hand-eye coordination in the kid. Flying a kite as well is a unique and interesting physical activity. You as a parent, need to understand that your kid should have all the required skills. In the kite game, the kid has to cut another person’s kite by flying the kite only. 

  4. Football

    Football is one of the most loved games not only amongst kids but also among adults. Playing football requires high stamina and strong foot movement. In this particular physical game, there will be a whole-body movement of the kid. It will ensure that your kid’s stamina, agility, and other skills are improved. 

  5. Cricket 

    Cricket is the most popular game in India, is by far the most played game in every gully of the country. Many kids wish to become a cricketer hence, it is important to let him play cricket right from childhood. The kid will have to be very attentive and have strong body movement. 

  6. Blindfold 

    The blindfold game is one of the different and interesting games on the list. While playing blindfold, the kid will improve his/her taste buds. It is quite an interesting game wherein the kid will have a cloth put on his/her eyes. 


  7. Skating 

    Skating is one of the professional games on the list because while skating, the utmost care has to be taken. It requires a lot of practice and attention. Skating is a game of special skills wherein the kid’s attentiveness is shaped up along with strong leg movements. 

  8. Long Jump 

    The long-jump is one game that requires strong coordination of different body parts. The long jump game is played between two teams or even more than two individuals, The kid will learn teamwork and coordination. 


  9. Hide and Seek

    Hide and seek is another oldest game on the list to help the kids make friends. The kid will have to roam here and there to hide and also seek someone. It is a game that has attracted many generations and is still relevant. 

  10. Tug Of War  

    In this game, there are two teams that try to hold a rope strongly. The team that pulls the rope together towards itself wins the game. It is a game of great power and stamina. Of course, a decent amount of care should be taken while the kids play with the rope. 

  11. Race

    The race is the most common game played in schools. The race for kids should have a very small distance and parents should make sure that their kids don’t get hurt in case of falling while running. The racing game will develop a range of physical skills in the kid such as hand-eye coordination, leg movements, etc. 

  12. Hula Hooping 

    The hula hooping is a specialised skill which if developed in a kid, can even give the kid a career in the same. The hula hooping has to be exercised only in kids aged 10 years and above. 

  13. Table Tennis 

    Table tennis is an indoor game but is really useful if you find your kid interested in the same. If you are a parent who wishes to identify your child ‘s skills early, then this is the one. Table tennis is one of the career making games that kids can groom in. 

  14. Twister 

    The twister is one game that makes the kid get into an uncomfortable position. The twister is a challenging game that will allow the kid to move their hands and legs in different positions. 


  15. Balloon Volleyball 

The balloon volleyball is specially made for kids unlike the usual volleyball game. The kid will be actively involved in the physical activity. Balloons are the most fragile and simple thing for kids to play with. 

These are just 15 physical games for kids that will definitely improve a range of skills in kids but we are sure that there might be more but these 15 will undoubtedly give your child the perfect learnings.

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