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12 Best Books for Childrens to Read During Lockdown!

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Kids are innocent and curious about a lot of things and stories are something that interests them. Most parents want their children to do better in academics and excel in it. But they forget to shape up his/her career in the appropriate direction. As a parent, you need to develop a few important habits in your child. And one of the most important habits you need to imbibe is reading books. It has a range of benefits which shall be fruitful for the kid in the later years. 

Here are 15 best books for kids to read –

1. Tomorrow I’ll be Kind – Best books for childrens!

A kid’s habits will decide a lot on how he/she will behave after growing up. Hence, giving the kid the right habits and behavioral attributes becomes very important. One of the simplest ways of teaching the kid the right kind of habits is through books. You can give your kid this “Tomorrow I’ll be Kind” book to read and he/she will develop good manners right from childhood. 

best books for childrens

2. Little Book about 123s

Of course, your kid is doing academics and studying in the school but making the learning process interesting will be a great idea. This will help you to make things easier for your kid to learn and understand numbers easily. The kid will develop an interest in learning  1 2 3 and will slowly steadily become well versed with it. 

Best books for childrens

3. The Turtle Box 

The turtle box book is a simple and cute story about loving yourself. The book is about the turtle learning to love his weirdness and eventually loving himself. The kid will learn an important lesson of why loving our own self is so important. Reading is obviously a good habit and this one will surely make the kid fall in love with reading.

Best books for childrens

4. Jack at Bat – Best books for childrens

Kids do get bored after studying and they don’t even enjoy studying. But if you want to make their mood light, then this one book is for you. The kid will laugh out loud reading this funny and beautiful story. It also helps to release the pressure in the kid about studies and all. 

5. Cool Cuts 

This book is one of the best on the list. The storyline is about a guy who adorns a unique hairstyle and loves himself like nothing else. It is another book about self love that will play a vital role in letting the kid be on the track of self love. 

6. The Bug Girl: A True Story 

Based on a true story, this book is one for all the young curious minds. The book is about a girl who loves bugs and many people force her to leave her this interest but she doesn’t. Eventually, scientists from across the world reach out to her. The book is mainly about a curious mind and hence if you have a curious kid then this is the book for your kid.

7. The Seed of Compassion 

The Seed of Compassion is a special book written by the world famous Dalai Lama. There are a whole bunch of beautiful lessons a kid can gain from this particular book. Kids will derive a lot of inspiration from this book as it involves childhood stories of the Dalai Lama.

8. Grandma’s Garden 

The book beautifully depicts a bond between a girl and her grandma. It teaches the kid why they need to build a smooth bond with their grandparents. Our grandparents have a wide range of stories to share from their childhood. Those stories will surely excite your kid as well.

9. Bedtime Bonnet 

The bedtime bonnet book will make your kid develop an understanding of how family bonding is important. The book depicts a heart-touching story of family bonding through their own traditions and habits. It is certainly a must-read book for the kids. The best books for childrens are those which imbibe some learning in kid’s mind and this one will surely do that.

10. Who will you be?

This is another heartwarming story on how each person a kid meets has a huge impact on his/her life. The book leaves a question in the kid’s mind about who he wants to become like. It is also about a mother’s love for the kid that wants the best for her kid.

11. Jasper and Ollie Build a Fort 

This is a cute and funny story about two friends. The story will teach the kid the importance of having friends. It also depicts how one has to accept differences between two people. For a good learning experience, this book is a must for kids.

12. How to read to a Grandma or a Grandpa

It is important for kids to learn and understand the importance of having grandparents and developing a bond with them. You kid will surely laugh a little while reading this book and also spend more time with his/her grandparents. This is one of the best books for childrens to read during lockdown.

Best books for childrens

All these 12 books are worth reading and will definitely give your child a really beautiful environment. It will play a deciding role in shaping up the growth of your child.

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