Dog themed toys for toddlers

10 Dog Themed Toys for Toddlers Who are Interested in Dogs!

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Toddlers are often afraid of animals especially dogs but there are few toddlers who love animals and dogs are their most favourite pet. As a parent, you must also ensure your child’s safety while he comes across or starts playing with any real dog. That’s why to ensure your child’s safety, you must encourage your child to play with a dog toy only. There are many dog themed toys for toddlers in the market. But you must be wanting to have the best dog themed toys for toddlers 

1. Dog Themed Bag for Toddlers 

Of course, kids love playing with toys and including their favorite toys in the things they play with. This is where the stationery items come in handy for toddlers. The kid who loves dogs will use a bag with a dog theme. This will excite the kid and surely make him/her happy. 

Dog themed toys for toddlers

2. Take the Dog for a walk 

If your child is genuinely very much interested in dogs, then there are high chances that he/she will have a pet dog in future. So, it becomes utmost important that he/she knows how to take care of the dog. As a parent, you don’t need to worry much about it as you can simply give him/her this dog themed toy and teach him the basic things of having a pet dog.

Dog themed toys for toddlers

3. Dog House for Dog toys 

This one is a very simple and fun dog toy theme for toddlers. It will teach the kid about keeping the dog’s house clean and tidy. Each toy teaches something or the other to the kid and likewise this one will develop good habits in the kid along with increase in physical activity.

Dog themed toys for toddlers

4. Dog Themed Bike for Toddlers 

Kids who love dogs, love having toys with various dog themed ideas. In this particular dog theme toy, the toy bike is given a dog theme making it look like a dog. This one will surely fascinate and excite the kid to play with the bike. The toddler will get a bike and dog both in one toy with this unique toy idea for dog lovers. 

Dog themed toys for toddlers

5. Hanging Bone with Dog Toys 

Toddlers are very young and giving them the appropriate kind of knowledge about diverse things is a parent’s responsibility. And if your child loves dogs then, it is equally important to teach him what are the needs of the dog and what it takes to have a pet dog. You can accomplish this, with the help of this hanging bone and dog toy.

Dog themed toys for toddlers

6. Dogs Play Area Toys along with Dog House 

The dogs play area along with dog toys is a simple yet unique idea of teaching the kid how dogs play and live. Parents can involve themselves in the playing activity and ensure that the kid gets the right knowledge about the dogs. 

7. Dog Themed Toys for Toddlers Learning 

As a parent, you must be striving to give your kid all the required learning and education through whatever way it means. To make the learning interesting for kids, it is important to have toys of his/her interest. With this educational dog toy, your child will also learn alphabets while enjoying his/her play with the dog toy. 

8. Dog Lamp with Remote Control 

This is not fully a toy for toddlers but it is something that a toddler will definitely enjoy watching. It is a showpiece toy lamp that has different colors and can also be controlled with remote control. The wife features of the dog lamp make it all the more attractive for toddlers. 

9. Lighting Dog Toy for Toddlers 

This lighting dog toy has a more of a realistic look. The kid might just stay glued to the toy thinking it is real. It is a win-win situation both for the parent and the child. Because the kid gets the kind of dog toy he/she wishes to have and the parent also gives a realistic toy to the kid. 

10. Plush Dog Toy For Kids 

This is the most simplest dog toy on the list. It’s a soft toy the kid can play with. Toddlers have a tendency to become interactive with the toys they play with. Hence, they will undoubtedly enjoy playing with this plush dog toy.

If your kid is a dog lover then, he/she will surely love these dog-themed toys. It will also act as a learning toy for the kid resulting in him/her being prepared for having a pet dog in the future by himself/herself.

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