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Best Educational Toys your Kids would Love

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The thought of learning over playing may upset kids but a lesser-known fact is most of the toys help children learn something. Kids learn naturally and they learn the most from toys that they enjoy playing with. The effect of educational toys on kids may last a lifetime. After all, they have the potential to develop kids’ interest in education. Here is a list of the best educational toys designed for developing a certain set of skills among children and ensuring fun with learning!

1. Magna-Tiles 

The Magna tiles are loved equally by kids and parents. These tiles are full of life and teach different shapes and colors to kids. It effectively enhances creative skills and offers endless hours of fun!

best educational toys

2. Chess – a classical educational toy

Chess is one of the highly appreciated games of all time. It is one of the best educational toys for 7 years old and above. A good game of chess comes with a lesson of patience, strategy, and decision-making. Invest hours of time and ensure an efficient brain workout for your kid!

3. Lego blocks – most popular educational toy

Lego is a popular game all around the globe. But did you know that it offers educational benefits as well? It tends to enhance creativity among kids and improves concentration. For toddlers, it makes sure to deliver the correct knowledge of colors. and, hence makes it to the list of best educational toys for 1-year-olds!

best educational toys

4. Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles come in various sizes and with various pictures. Depending upon the age, the correct choice of puzzles is helpful for all. Endless hours of joy with the pictures of various animals and fruits and whatnot symbolizes a whole package of fun and learn!

5. Pressed Flower art kit

It is the perfect toy for preschoolers. The kit comes with various flower presses and colors. Kids can learn about different flowers with a touch of art!

best educational toys

6. Telescope

A mini telescope would make sure to fascinate your children with the wonders of the sky. It is one of the best educational toys for 3 years olds and above and offers an interesting way to learn about geographical things at an early age.   

7. Microscope for Kids 

Yet another toy to fascinate your children with! A child-friendly microscope would definitely make sure to indulge your kid in the amusing world of science. Just hand over a leaf or a piece of bread and let biology make your kid do all the fun!

best educational toys

8. IQ builder stem toys – a best educational toy

Undoubtedly, Stem toys are best when it comes to creativity and problem-solving. Kids love playing with it. Get your kids a set of stem toys and watch their inner engineers grow!

9. Bumpy Ball – one of the best educational toys for 1-year-olds

Bumpy balls are best fitted for your toddler. These toys make sure to deliver motor skills to your kid and provides visual stimulation. The noise of the beads inside the bumps makes them even more attractive to the kids. 

best educational toys

10. Musical rhymes book – best educational toys for preschoolers

Musical rhymes books are the most effective toys for preschoolers. It provides a unique way to introduce the world of literature to the kids. These are the best educational toys for 3-4 years olds.

11. Zingo

Zingo as the name sounds is a modification of bingo. It is played with words instead of numbers. It is a unique way of learning how to read and spell words. Sit with your and entire family and let the game of Zingo begin! 

best educational toys

12. Business games (monopoly) – best educational toys

Toys like Monopoly and mastermind help with critical thinking and logical reasoning. It is a beginning step to let your kid think beyond their knowledge and have fun with it. 

best educational toys

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