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15+ Outdoor Toys for Kids to have Fun in their Backyard

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The last year has been harsh on kids and this year too, the situation doesn’t look any better. Kids are addicted to electronics, now more than ever! With boredom at its peak, nothing like a new, fascinating toy to make your kids shut down the screen and get to the backyard. If you are one of those parents who struggle to get their kids away from the screens, then here are some of the best outdoor toys to help you out.

1. Inflatable Pools

Summer means pool-time. From single-sitter baby pools to big family pools, a wide range of inflatable pools are available. This easy-to-setup pool will definitely make your kid love backyards more than their beds. After all, who could resist a splash of cold water in hot summers! 

outdoor toys for kids

2. Jumpy – best outdoor toys for kids

A simple, yet amusing outdoor yoga toy to keep your kid engaged for a long time; a fun way to develop a child’s balance. Just sit on this jumpy and bounce along with it all around the yard!

outdoor toys for kids

3. Sand and Water Table – most suited outdoor toys for kids

Most of the kids love to play by the seashore; the reason being the fun of playing with sand and water it offers. Here is a set of sand and water tables that will make your kid forget the indoor sofas and stick to the backyard for a really long time, with a vibe of the beach. It is one of the most loved outdoor toys for 3-4 years olds. 

4. Ring Toss

One of the classics, an elite ring toss yard game will help the kids to aim, coordinate and throw, with a lot of time to consume. This is one of the oldest toys which never fails to amuse the kids.

outdoor toys for kids

5. Teepee Tent – a wholesome outdoor toy

Encouraging your kid to get out of their beds and spend time in their tent in the yard would make them love this one. It is made for all age groups. This could be your kid’s own personal home, a cozy place of their own where they can be their creative self. Let your toddler find you when you hide in this tent and let the game of laughter begin!

6. Giant Big Bubble Wand

These wands create “giant” bubbles and generate a wow factor among the kids. It is one of the most loved toys around the world. Once started playing; this toy can actually make your kid beg to play in the backyard.

outdoor toys for kids

7. Mini Trampoline – highly recommended outdoor toys for kids

The amount of joy a mini trampoline would bring is indefinite. Kids refuse to get out of it. It is an easy-to-setup toy, most suited for your backyard. The net around the trampoline ensures the safety and the elasticity of the material ensures fun!

8. Hot Wheels

Do we even have to mention how addictive hot wheels can be! A competition between the cars on the tracks of the hot wheels set up is always a good idea. 

outdoor toys for kids

9. Slip ‘N Slide – most fun offering outdoor toy for kids

Let your kids have hours of refreshment. Specially created to suit backyards, it is generally 4.5-5 meters long and has a continuous water spray system. Now imagine the fun these sprays would sprinkle over your kids. Just Slip & Slide!

outdoor toys for kids

 10. Lagori Pitthu Satodiyu – the classic outdoor toy

It is one of the most nostalgic games played by all generations. Exposing your kids to the fun of lagori pitthu would make them go out and play it all the time. You may want to play this game with them!

outdoor toys for kids

 11. Ball Pit Outdoor Tunnel Set

This vibrant set of playhouses with obstacles and balls will keep entertaining your child for hours. This could be listed as one of the best garden toys for kids. Set it up wide open in the backyard, fill the tunnels with the balls, and let the children play in the tunnels and on-the-wall games. Endless fun guaranteed!

outdoor toys for kids

 12. Catch and Throw Ball Set

A simple catch and throw ball game – you just can’t let your hands touch them. Interesting, isn’t it? Kids would love this set of modified classic ball games for sure.

outdoor toys for kids

 13. Archery Set

Kids simply love this one! With a bow and arrow in their hands, children tend to act like professionals and which is why it is one of the most played outdoor toys among children where they engage in competitions and make the best of time. 

 15. Basketball Set

Oversize rim and kid-sized basketball ensure ease of playing this beautiful game for hours. Suitable for the backyard, it is portable and overall lightweight to carry around. It engages the kids for long hours. 

 16. Stomp Rocket Launchers – must-have outdoor toys for kids

This is an unusual outdoor toy. It is simple yet interesting. Kids just have to stomp on the pad to launch the rocket. The setup can launch a rocket up to a height of 80 ft., depending upon the kid’s energy. It will definitely help the kids spend a lot of their time staring at the rockets flying high in the sky. Ready, steady, stomp!

 17. Flying Discs

This is the easiest, compact and inexpensive toy designed specially to spend hours playing it. It is played by all age groups and loved equally by all. It ensures maximum muscle activity for kids – fun and exercise in a combo! 

 18. Body Bumpers – trendy outdoor toys for kids

Body Bumpers is a perfect way to have hours full of fun, energy, and challenges. It can be called the safest form of fights. Kids love fighting and falling with the bumpers on. It is now a popular outdoor toy for 8-10 years olds. Let them have a competition of fights and suit them up!

outdoor toys for kids

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