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10 Board Games for Kids to Play With During Lockdown!

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Board games had become the most popular game during the lockdown and rightly so, as it was simply a good time pass for kids to the adults. There are many different indoor games to play but kids love board games for kids.The most attractive part of playing board games is that it can be played with adults and kids as well. Here are 10 board game ideas for kids – 

  1.  Monopoly 

Monopoly is a game which inflicts a business oriented mind in the kid’s mind. It is more of a realistic game than an artificial one. The kid can learn about the importance of money and it’s usage. At toysbzaar, you can the best monopoly board to give your kid the right kind of knowledge.

2. Chess – Board games ideas for kids 

Chess is considered one of the most intellectual games. If your kid is genuinely interested in chess, then you must consider allowing him/her to excel in it. And for that, the kid’s childhood plays a vital role; hence, right from childhood, you should give your child the right kind of toys according to his/her skill.

3. Bubble Trouble

 Bubble Trouble is quite a less popular game in India due to its complex play. The game involves 4 players which is perfect for a group of kids or cousins. The game requires quite a lot of planning and strategizing to avoid yourself from the trouble part of the game. It will really help the kid to improve his intelligence in general.

4. Snakes and Ladders 

The snakes and ladders is an age old board game which never actually gets old. The snakes and ladders were almost everyone’s favourite game. The game is highly competitive and hence will definitely imbibe competitiveness in your child.

5. Game of Life 

The ‘Game of Life’ is a very adventurous game. If you and your kids love to be adventurous then, this is the game for you. By spinning the wheel, the players get to decide on what adventure their character can go. The career and vacation adventure gives the game quite a realistic approach. 

6. Zingo – Board Games for Kids 

Zingo is mostly played by kids of 3 to 4 years of age. It is a smaller or you can say a new version of the classic bingo game designed especially for kids. This game as well gives a competitive approach to the kids playing it. It imbibes language learning in the kid resulting in improved communication skills in the kid.

Board games for kids

7. Heist 

Heist is a quite a quick game which involves quick thinking. If you want to improve your kid’s impromptu thinking skills, then this one’s for you. There are five levels in this game which involves a lot of team cooperation and challenges. Improving your child’s learning and thinking skills is always going to be fruitful for your kid. 

8. Scrabble 

Scrabble has always been a game which most of the parents love if their kids play with it. To make your child well versed about words and formation of sentences as well, scrabble will do good for him/her. The kid will grasp the words and learn to use it along with its meaning. 

board games for kids

9. Editable Snowman Board Game 

The editable snowman board game is a very simple game aimed at teaching childrens the numbers, alphabets and words as well. The game is very easy and does not require any preparation from the kid as it can be editable and used as per the need. 

board games for kids

10. Ludo 

Though ludo is a very old game and has now become a digital game, the enjoyment of playing it physically is just something else. Even if you must have played ludo as one of the board games during your childhood, then why not introduce your child to the physical version of this entertaining game. 

Board games have been the go-to game for kids and also adults during the lockdown. Having a variety of board games on the table will only make your gameplay interesting. So, try out these 10 board games to pass your kids time during lockdown.

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