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10 Building Block Ideas for Kids to Make the Kid Innovative

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Each game teaches something or the other to kids. And for a kid to have varied skills, it is important to let him/her play with the right kind of toys and games. Amongst different games, building blocks is one of the games which improves hand eye coordination, alertness, colour awareness and many other skills in the kid. But there are different types of building  blocks for kids, hence here are 10 building block ideas for kids to make the kid innovative – 

1. Zephyr Plastic Cars

The plastic car making is a very simple yet innovative idea for a building block play. Through this plastic car building block, your kid might learn about the different parts of a car. You can also teach your kid about how a car functions. As a parent, it will really make it easier for you to give them the right kind of knowledge. 

building block ideas for kids

2. Building Block Ideas for Kids – Trucks 

Trucks are no less than an essential transport vehicle in the country. By building a toy truck, your kid will get a general idea of how a truck functions and why it is an important transport vehicle in the country. This one is one of the most important building block ideas for kids on the list. You can get this on toysbzaar at the best price and without any quality compromise.

building block ideas for kids

3. Mobitech Car and Plane

As much as your kid learns about cars and trucks, he/she must also have some knowledge about planes. This particular building block idea will teach the kid about planes. The most attractive feature of this building block is that it can be converted in a car and a plane as well.

building block ideas for kids

4. Zephyr Blix – Plastic E-Circuits Motion, Red, Green

This one will surely excite your kid the most. The zephyr blix is a very unique building block idea for kids to play with. The E – Circuits motion runs in the water only which is the most attractive feature of the toy. Kids of mostly all ages love this game.

building block ideas for kids

5. Vista Blocks

The vista block is one building block that will spark creativity in the kid. The kid can make different shapes by using different blocks given in the set. Even parents love it when their kids play with these blocks because they know that their kids learn different things through this block.

6. Mega Blocks for kids

The mega blocks for kids are basically a building block idea which when made up will form a vehicle running on track. The whole block idea fascinates the kids and imbibes a creative approach to things. The mega blocks play an important role in letting the kid enjoy his/her gameplay freely if he/she is a studious kid. It will surely light up the kid’s mood. 

7. Floral Blocks

The floral blocks are a set of beautiful blocks that will not only make the kid innovative but also let the kid create something wonderful even if it means a showpiece. If you are someone who wants your kid to create something very admirable. 

8. Vintage Building Car

If you want to understand your kid’s interest right from childhood then this one is surely going to be helpful. This building car will shape up your kid into being an engineer or architect. The kid will develop knowledge about these two fields at a very early age. 

9. Building Construction set 

The construction set is one perfect building toy that will definitely identify an engineering  mind. The construction set will help the kid in at least understanding the basics of civil engineering and also in moving in the right direction for a fruitful career in engineering.The reason why this building block idea stands out is that different types of rides. 

10. Metal Car – Building blocks for Kids 

Any metal building blocks ideas will require utmost care as each and every part is important for the perfect making of the toy. It is a very interactive and fun type of building block which will definitely build a creative mind in the kid.

These 10 building block ideas for kids are just perfect to bring a smile on their face and also improve innovative idea of kid. You can visit our website and get all of these building toys at best discounts.

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