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15 Easy Handmade Toy Ideas for Kids

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Kids have a knack for creating unique things since they are very innocent. It is also important for you as a parent to teach your kid how to be creative and imbibe creativity amongst him/her. Of course, kids love toys and demand different toys, but handmade toys have become the latest most loved toy type during the pandemic. If you are wondering which are easy handmade toys then don’t worry as we are here to list out 15 handmade toys ideas for kids. 

1.Recycle the Bottle to make a bowling pin 

Bottles are made of plastic and plastic is decomposable which is why we should avoid using it or putting it into waste. So, for kids this is an opportunity to create the best of waste. You can use these bottles to make a bowling pin and play at home only.

handmade toys for kids

2. Paper Plate Magnet Maze 

The paper plate magnet maze is a one interesting game played by many kids and adults as well in mobiles. But you must keep your child away from smartphones and let him/her be involved in physical activities of playing. Hence, creating these handmade toys ideas for kids is the best thing to do. The paper plate magnet maze will help the kid improve his intellectual skills as well.

handmade toys for kids

3. Cardboard Learning toys 

The cardboard learning toy is a very educational and quite a learning toy for teaching the kid. This particular handmade toy doesn’t need too many materials and hard work. It can be simply made of cardboard. You can cut it and color it in the way you want and in ways you want to teach your kid. 

handmade toys for kids

4. Handmade Toys for kids – Camera 

The handmade camera is a handy and unique idea on the list of handmade toys for kids. You can teach your kid the use of a camera and its functionalities through this unique toy. One can also let the kid be creative if he/she has some ideas to create the camera in different ways.

handmade toys for kids

5. Handmade Binocular Idea 

We all have used binoculars every time we have somewhere on a family trip. The binoculars are a really interesting and worth having accessory. You can help your kid make the binocular simply with the help of cardboard. This will surely excite the kid. 

handmade toys for kids

6. Handmade Toys Ideas for Kids

The handmade truck for kids will surely excite kids as they love to play with vehicles. Through this simple toy idea, you can also teach your kid the role of trucks in transportation and also traffic rules if possible. 

handmade toys for kids

7. Handmade Train for Kids to play with 

Trains are an essential transport service for everyone. Hence, a toy train will not only create curiosity among the kid but also teach him/her the importance of trains in daily life. It is quite a simple learning and educational toy type to give your kid correct upbringing. 

handmade toys for kids

8. Handmade Treasure Box for kids 

The handmade treasure box is one beautiful handmade toy for kids. You as a parent can teach your child how to preserve precious and important things at one place. This is quite an important learning you must consider giving your kid.

handmade toys for kids

9. Handmade Toys Ideas for Kids

The handmade toys out of socks idea is a very simple idea which most of the time doesn’t involve too many of materials. You can simply make anything out of the socks and the cotton. This is mostly used during Christmas time making the toy a household name. 

10. Aeroplane made of sticks for kids 

The aeroplane made of sticks is one such easy idea for kids. Amidst the remote control and many other aeroplane toys in the market, this one is cheap, interesting and fun to play with. If you are wondering how will it look once it is made, then here it is – 

handmade toys for kids

11. Handmade Spinner for kids

Do you remember the spinner you played with all the time as a kid? So let us let your kid as well play with it. Teach your kid how to make a spinner and he/she will never forget it even after he becomes an adult. 

12. Handmade Helicopter for kid

The handmade helicopter can simply be made with the help of sticks and glass bowls. It will take some effort and hardwork but the result will surely make your toy worth playing with. The unique helicopter idea has made it to our list because of the flying idea of the helicopter.

13. Handmade Toys Ideas for Kids – Bottle 

Bottles can be recycled and hence you can always make toys for your kids. The bottles can be used to make a whole lot of things. This one particular idea is about making a small dining table that will light up the toy idea. 

14. Handmade Tv set

If you have a kid who wants to feature himself/herself on television then this is a funny and cute handmade tv set idea. This will surely make your kid happy. Of course, it is a fake cardboard tv set but it will definitely bring a smile to the kid’s face. 

15. Handmade Target Golf

The handmade target golf has made it to the list of handmade target golf because it is simply dynamic and hence can be played by adults and kids as well. During the pandemic, people have found different ways of bringing outdoor games at home. This is one of them.

All of these handmade toys ideas for kids are surely going to make your kid happy. To find the best toys for kids, you can visit our website.

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